An Adult Watermelon For a Summer's Day

It is time to graduate to an adult watermelon, one that goes perfectly with a Mexican-style barbecue with family and friends. Word of warning, because this watermelon is strictly for adults, you better buy another for the chiquitos en la familia. If the teenagers try to get to this spiked watermelon, make sure you slap their grasping little hands.

The Margarita Watermelon
1 1/3 cup good quality tequila
1/3 cup orange liqueur
5 tablespoons cane sugar
1/4 cup lime juice
1 tablespoon grated lime peel
1 large watermelon, cut in half lengthwise
coarse sea salt, or "margarita" salt (optional)

Stir first five ingredients in a measuring cup until the sugar is completely dissolved. Place each watermelon half on a roasting pan or cookie sheet, cut side up. Pierce the flesh of the watermelon all over with a bamboo skewer. Gradually pour 1/4 cup tequila mixture over the surface of each watermelon and chill. Repeat over 24 hours or so until the mixture is absorbed. Some mixture will remain. Slice into wedges and serve with the sea salt on the side so your guests can sprinkle some over theirs. Buen provecho!


crystalgee said...

sounds like something my mom would just LOVE. i have to show her =]

Dona Junta said...

I always heard of this but never tried it thanks I am gonna def make it now!
I heard of this one way where you cut a hole on the top of the watermelon and pour liqour into it and let it soak then cut it up I am not sure if that is right though

La Traductora said...

I love this watermelon when I sprinkle salt on it. Me da gusto que te haya gustado.

Lynn said...

Watermelon... what could be more inviting on a hot summer day? I crave it after a long night in the kitchen, after a bike ride or hike. But now you're talking, margarita style! I'm going to resurrect your post/drink and check it out this summer :)

Quách Trương Kim Thành said...

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Clementina said...

Please check "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE". You cand email me from there.
Take Care!

Travel Diva said...


I'm in Canada with our friends Troy and Adrienne and I just shared your wonderful website with them. They still remember the bottle of wine you gave them the last time they were at our home

Clementina said...

To My Very Favorite Travel Diva of Them All!
I miss you! Please give Troy and Adrienne a big hug for me.
And muchas gracias for the compliment, my dear friend!