The Jewel Colored Salsa

If Green were a flavor it would taste like this peridot colored salsa, which glistens with jewel-like beauty. You will never forget how you felt the first time you tried it, as its flavors simultaneously filled your mouth with cool—tangy—fresh—spicy deliciousness. Perhaps you had it in an Albondigas soup on a cold winter's night, or with tender pork carnitas wrapped up in a soft burrito, but no matter, because this salsa will not only touch your palate, but your soul—your Mexican soul—which is the possession of Mexican food lovers everywhere. One that embraces joy and despair with equal ardor. A soul that wants the melodies to be happy but the lyrics sad.
Like love, this salsa will break your heart in a million little tomatillo and Serrano chile and cilantro pieces—but it is a sweet heartbreak, one from which you will not want to recover. Viva tomatillo salsa love.
The Jewel Colored Salsa
(Green Tomatillo Salsa)

Tomatillo salsa is an essential of Mexican cuisine. Put it in tacos, burritos, in soups, in your guacamole, on your fried eggs in the morning, with your beans. The list goes on and on.

Making Tomatillo Salsa is the easiest thing in the world. You can make as little or as much as you want. Just follow the instructions.
What you need:
A small, medium, or large pot, depending on how much you want to make.
A sharp chopping knife
A blender, molcajete, or a hand-held blender
Tomatillos without the husks, halved. About 5 to 6 for a small amount; 7 to 10 for a medium amount; 11 or more for a large amount
Fresh garlic cloves—1 or 2 for small amount, 2—4 for medium amount, 4 or more for a large amount.
1 to 4 very finely minced chiles serranos
Fresh diced green onion to taste (I like a lot).
Fresh chopped cilantro to taste (again, I like a lot of it).
Put tomatillos and garlic in a pot. Add a bit of water until it reaches just up to ½ way up the tomatillos (see picture). Bring to a boil. Then, reduce to a simmer with the lid covered. Keep checking tomatillos until they are a fully cooked and soft. Do not drain out the water. Place tomatillos and water in the blender, or molcajete, or use a hand-held blender to purée the ingredients. Now add finely minced serrano chiles. You can add a little or a lot so it can be hot or mild, depending on your taste. Add salt to taste. Pour the salsa in a bowl. Let cool and refrigerate until completely chilled. Add diced green onion and cilantro. Keep a little minced serrano chile on the side for those who want their salsa hot. Now, revel in the tangy, fresh spicy deliciousness.

Variation: Add chunks of fresh avocado to the salsa. Or, add the salsa to chunks of fresh avocado. Either way, your taste buds will tell you gracias.

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