My name is Clementina Llanes and I write this blog

Alannah, my cinematographer friend, took this picture of me. She convinced me it was time to stop hiding behind a sombrero and finally show my face. My sister Lupe told me I should get dressed up and put on some makeup. I’d hate to show you what I really look like when I’m cooking.

I like mole, raspberries and nectarines, nopales salad, strawberry ice cream, fat cold dill pickles, cheese that smells like stinky patas, burning hot salsa and tortilla chips, tamales, and especially Mexican hot chocolate, but not all together.

I started this blog because I miss my funny, sweet mamá, Rosa María, who was a wonderful cook. Her philosophy on Mexican food was simple: A good tamal is only as good as its masa. A cook is only as good as the taste of her beans. Every ingredient must be fresh. No piece of offal is a throwaway, but the difference between a so-so dish and a great one. Mostly, she believed that the food she was taught to cook when she was a young woman living in a little rancho in Mexico is nothing short of world-class. It seems like the rest of the world is finally catching on. This slow-cooked blog is my love letter to her.

Let's enjoy a little cup of Mexican hot chocolate, sharing recipes and stories, never forgetting where we came from or those who taught us the joy of cooking for those we love. Let’s take the humble fare of these strong women—the bowl of pinto beans, a fresh mocajete salsa, a warm stack of homemade tortillas, tamales—food that has amor in it, Mexican style—and turn them into a fabulous fiesta.

You can reach me at translatethispf@gmail.com.

Gracias for visiting mi cocina!

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Hannah said...

Hi, I've eaten her food personally and let me tell you.... it's amazing. It's AMAZING mexican food. Thank You for such a nice book. Your niece,

- Hannah P